Paper Fashion. Part 2.

Continuing previous topic about delicate and air but unpractical paper fashion want to show the gallery of paper or paperlike clothes and accessories from different designers and modellers. So you can choose what kind of dress you will put on today. Will it be made of feather, leather, fabric, gold or even paper.

Lace appliqué snow-white skirt, Fendi. Price - $3,280.

Silk-detail white leather sandal, Viktor & Rolf. Price - $1,030.

Georgette top, Price - $968. Duchesse satin baroque-detail neckpiece, Price - $465. Both Modernist.

Paper rings, Tithi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanish of T:NT. Price - $53 for a set of 12 rings.

Porcelain floral-detail necklace. Alexis Bittar. Price - $445, at Alexis Bittar, NYC

Sterling silver and origami-detail paper bracelet. Leila Batten. Price - $225.