Haircuts and Styles

Hair cuts and styles change over the years and inevitably end up being popular with the "in" crowd. Here in this article we will talk about the hair cuts and styles that have been the most popular during the last few generations.

It is not surprising that hair cuts and styles usually come from basic human needs. For the women, it is of course a way to look beautiful. A popular hair cut for women in the 1960's was the "beehive." It was considered a "big hair" type of hair style. During the roaring twenties the "bob" was a popular cut for the women. This style was a sign to the world that a woman was "liberated". For ethnic crowds, the "afro" was popular in the sixties also. For the men, the the "clooney cut" ( also called the "caesar" cut ) has been a staple for many years. This style is a bit longer than the ever popular "crew cut" and "flattop" for men.

One hair cut and style that has endured over time is the "comb over." This is primarily for men who have a bald spot in the top of their head. It hardly needs introduction, since so many men use this style. Some men will even go so far as to use the hair from the back of the head instead of the sides to cover their balding head.

A popular hair cut that takes its style from western Africa is "cornrows." This consists of raised braids that are weaved close to the skin of the head. Some women use this style at times, but it is mostly used for men of African descent. Another hair style of ethnic descent has a unique name; "dreadlocks". This style divides the hair into long matted plaits. Another name for dreadlocks is "rastafarian".

Television has become a common method of popularizing hair cuts and styles. The "wedge" was one such style that the figure skater Dorothy Hamill brought to the television. This resulted in a quick acceptance in the culture of the United States. The music star Dido brought his "Dido flip" to the world and it also was widely copied. Sailor Moon was a woman who gave us the "odango". This is two long pigtails from the top of the head.

No doubt there are many more styles, and other categories, such as kids hair cuts and styles. The past few generations have given us a smorgasbord of different hair styles, enough to fill a good-sized book.
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