Miss Universe 2010 winner Jimena Navarrete

Miss Universe 2010 winner Jimena Navarrete was on the Today' show this morning. The pretty queen talked about her charity work and talked about how she felt after winning the title. She positively knows it is a big duty.

Another question that was asked to Miss Universe was about the pageant itself. We all marveled what it is like to be in a high stress environment where there are many hope and many conditions yet the end result means one could win big. According to Miss Universe, the major difficulty about the pageant had to be not enough sleep. Up early, the ladies have to get going to make sure they are ready for the day. Getting to bed later  they don't get as much sleep as they would have in other times.

Take a glance at the video and notice how the host has the Miss Universe crown on her head and is playing with the camera. She seems fanatical that she is playing with the crown. This pageant visibly destroys the wife's tale about ' Needing beauty sleep' as these ladies seem to be running on little to none and still look outstanding.

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