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In simple terms a maxi is an ordinary dress, but made to about ankle length.  A 2010 maxi dress should not be confused with a formal long gown, however, a maxi correctly selected can be regarded as a piece that may bridge fashion gaps in your wardrobe.

In fashion history terms, a woman's maxi dress is once again acceptable day-wear, suitable as a transition piece for informal wear in many situations.  The maxi is not the same as a structured embellished evening dress, which is intended solely for post cocktail and red carpet moments.   However, the right maxi dress can also be worn from morning till night.

A maxi dress is more relaxed than a formal evening gown as maxi fabric can also be used in casual daywear, summer beachwear and day occasion wear. This denim bandeau dress with tiered skirts is from River Island, and girls everywhere will love it for festival events.

In 2010 we are all far more used to wearing silk.  Good silk has low creasing in wear and high quality silk was once a luxurious fabric only for the wealthy, so a dressy silk maxi can also work as bridge wear.

Every woman, whatever her age, can look good in a maxi dress. This page has a range of styles for you to consider.

For some women the only way they will feel comfortable with this fashion is if their maxi has sleeves.  Even the hint of sleeve or ruffle will please them.  Retailers Monsoon and Evans have both recognised this. Evans offers this very pretty black and red floral tiered maxi dress for plus sizes this autumn 2010.