Agent Provocateur unveils new premium lingerie collection : The £15,000 crystal playsuit:

Pictures of Miranda Kerr modelling a $2.5million Victoria's Secret bra may have set our expectations of how expensive underwear has become pretty high.

Although that hasn't stopped us from thinking that charging £15,000 for a playsuit is still rather steep.

But then Agent Provocateur's crystal-covered number isn't just any playsuit.

It is part of the sexy lingerie chain's Soirée range which launched two years ago. Until today, the 'premium' collection was only sold in selected boutiques - mainly because paying for security for the Swarovski-laden underwear was so expensive.

But almost the entirety of the Soiree range - which includes silk satin knickers that cost £295 - is now available online.

Only the most expensive item, the £15,000 playsuit with handmade tassels and Swarovski glass beads, is not available from Soiree's website.
Images of the playsuit have not yet been revealed, but you will be able to pick it up at Harrods in London from November 5.

Soiree's products are all made from the finest silks and embroidery, hand-finished and in limited edition.

The collection has previously only retailed in global destination boutiques such as Harrods and Madison Avenue.

To celebrate the online launch, though, Agent Provocateur made a short - but very sexy - horror film, Les Fleurs Du Mal, which features beautiful models cavorting and torturing each other in the expensive underwear.

Not that the premium range needs much promotion. Customers are already snapping up items - especially in the Middle East and Russia.

Garry Hogarth, CEO of Agent Provocateur, said that Soiree customers 'show no resistance at the higher price points.'

He also revealed that some of his high-end customers spend between $20,000 and $30,000 on the Soiree line each time they visit.

Hogarth said: 'They're just looking for the most beautiful pieces, whether it's lingerie or clothing or handbags.'