Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008)

In particular skirt shapes have been refreshed again, so the narrow trend seems new and modern. Tight and close fit skirts, high waist or low waist skirts are the hit of this season. The waist can be a focus of interest if you have a waist to show. Stratch or denim skirts, cottone, one-colour or many-coloured, striped, checkered or leopard print - whatever you want, the only condition is the pencil shape. The most fashioansble length is a little below the knees.

Hot Tip - 2008 Must-have - Pencil Skirts

In solid grey or black plaid, its form flattering silhouette gives your conservatibe wardrobe a smart and sexy edge. It is made comfortable with a back zipper and walking vent.

Close fit are always popular with women since they enable elegant movement. With time, whatever your age, the Fall of 08, is one you will probably recall as the Fall of elegance and sexuality in fashion trends.

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