Style Lessons. Oliver Twist.

Short shorts, sleeveless jacket and rough leather shoes. Don't be afraid to alternate feminity with hooliganism, sometimes it is very useful.

Certainly, everybody remembers the story about a little boy who remains in cold and gloomy streets of London of the XIX-th century. We know this story from our childhood. We remember, how we got to the past just closing our eyes for a moment, we got back to a hundred years ago where people were wearing short trousers, a checkered shirt and a woolen cap, went with Oliver Twist and his friends on searches of new adventures. We have to urgently re-read Dickens this season, the history repeats again.

1. Chemise D&G 2. Shorts Fornarina

3. Sleeveless pullover Gas 4. Shoes Rocco P

5. Cap Gas 6. Breeches Kenzo

7. Bracelet Louis Vuitton 8. Bag Borbonese 9. Pants Paul & Joe

10. Cross Dior Joallerie 11. Jacket Hiro Sawatari