Scarf - a smooth fashion accessory.

It was a time where no one knows much about scarf, but would you believe now that it has become one of the important fashion accessory and many fashion models and celebrities wear it during their shooting.  This fashion accessory is made of some decorative fabrics and it protects the ear from different climatic conditions.  It comes in variety of colors and variety of styles and also made of different materials depending upon the climatic conditions. And moreover there are different ways of tying scarf’s each method has it’s own attraction. Here are some of the ways of tying scarf’s. 
 1. Slozhite scarf in half, Fit the neck, thread the free edges in a loop, nice straighten.

2. Nakinte scarf around his neck, crisscross the ends, one end of the scarf skip down to form a ring around the neck, move the resulting node on one side.

3. Nakinte scarf around his neck, pass one end through the loop.

4. Nakinte scarf around his neck so that the ends were back, crisscross them and zavyazhite.Odin end of the stretch through the ring around your neck upward, the other pulling forward (this site will be on the side).

5. Nakinte scarf around his neck so that one end was a long, long end of the scarf let down on the shoulder and straighten the folds.

6. Vam need to thin, not very long sharf.Nakinte scarf around his neck so that the ends were back, straighten the front scarf (generators simulate gate sweaters), ends twist the bundle and tie any knot in front.

7. Idealen for for a long sharfa.Printsip the same as in 6 ways, the only difference between the ends of the scarf does not overlap the rear, and with this boku.Pri one end of the scarf turns longer than the other.

8. Sharf with fringe for koketok.Odin end of the scarf must be applied just below the neck and spread to the chest, another to wrap the neck upwards and pass through the resulting ring.

   And finally, experience the warmth of scarf and make use of this fashion accessory, But think of some aspects before buying scarfs like material, length etc..