Angelina Jolie swaps her mum-on-the-run ballet flats for sky-high leather boots on solo outing

Even the most dedicated mother needs a day away from her family once in awhile. After spending the summer entertaining her active brood of six children every day, Angelina Jolie looked excited to be enjoying a rare day out alone today in London - and she dressed up for special occasion.

Most often seen in flat ballet shoes in her time off, the 5'8" actress stepped out in sky-high stiletto boots, a floating grey skirt and designer sunglasses as she got into a car that was waiting for her in the Soho street.

As she stepped into the crowd of fans trying to take her picture, 36-year-old Joile held a wad of paper in her hand that was marked with bright pink Post It notes, prompting speculation that she may be reading a new script.

Down to earth: Angelina, in a practical pair of flats, took the children to see The Smurfs film in London earlier this week.

Brad Pitt was later seen arriving home from a tough day at the office in his favourite form of transport - a helicopter. The jet-setter then whisked Angelina off in the aircraft to an unknown destination.

The Tourist star took the summer off from her own movie career to follow partner Brad Pitt around Europe while he shoots the zombie action film, World War Z.

It has left Jolie with plenty of time to spend with their six children, Maddox, 10, Zahara, 7 Pax, 6, Shiloh, 5 and twins, Vivienne and Knox, 3.

Their travels have included living in Malta, Scotland and England, and Angelina has gone to great lengths to make sure the children didn't get bored wherever they stayed.

Along with trips to bowling alleys, cinemas and pottery painting, the Salt star introduced them to the local cultures of their adopted home lands such as a visit to aquariums in both Malta and London.

She's even introduced them to the 'arts' by taking the budding actors to the theatre to see West End musicals, Shrek and Wicked.

It will be back to work soon for the movie star when she begins promoting her directorial d├ębut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, which tells the story of how a couple's romance is affected by the Bosnian war.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Angelina opened up about Brad and revealed how she helped her with her first directorial project.

'He’d come in and say what he liked or what he didn’t understand. Like any woman, I would listen to most of it and fight a few things. He’s been so supportive. But it’s hard to separate the person that loves you from the critic, so I don’t think he’s a fair judge,' she told the magazine.

Before shooting, Jolie said she sent the script to 'reporters and writers, people of Serbian and Bosnian nationality who’d been through the war. I was gauging the accuracy…. If they said no, I wouldn’t have done it.'

Two things that are definitely not on her upcoming schedule, however, are marriage and pregnancy.

The Mr and Mrs Smith star commented in the interview in the October issue of the magazine and said: 'There is no secret wedding’

She also quashed rumours that the couple will be having more children, at least for the moment and said: ‘I’m not pregnant. I’m not adopting at the moment.'

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