Tibi: Styled By Kling

It’s been a busy year for Elin Kling. With her successful Web site, Style by Kling (currently hosted by umbrella site NowManifest), as a jumping-off point, the Swedish style blogger designed a collection for H&M (the first blogger to do so for the retailer), started up a magazine called StyleBy, and is slated to launch her own clothing line, Nowhere, in October.

Now Kling is adding another notch to her belt with a new gig styling Tibi’s Spring 2012 runway show and its Spring ad campaign, which will star Wonderland editor (and fellow street-style blog regular) Julia Sarr-Jamois. (Despite appearing on the same Web sites for months, the stylist and editor-turned-model haven’t yet met.)

On a recent visit to the Tibi showroom, a coffee table littered with empty coffee cups from Starbucks and Le Pain Quotidien revealed that Kling and Tibi designer Amy Smilovic had been hard at work since 8 a.m., putting together looks and hashing out the run of show. “I approach it like I approach my magazine,” Kling tells Style.com. “I want to open with something that pops, then ease into something more relaxed.”

For Smilovic, bringing Kling on board was an easy choice. “Girls want to look like her,” the designer said. (Kling picked up a sharp blazer and laughed. “I just want to wear suits all the time.”) For the past few seasons, Tibi has been moving away from the print party dresses it has been known for and focusing instead on the clean, relaxed kind of sportswear one might see Elin wearing on her blog. “She’s always feminine and put-together, but with a touch of androgyny,” Smilovic said. “It was a perfect fit for us.” Next week, Kling will be buzzing around backstage, adjusting all the models before they do their turns on the runway. For her fashion-show styling debut, Kling’s strategy is simple: “I just want to look at each girl and be jealous of her.”

News Source:-  style.com