Laddered Stockings

It used to be that when your stockings got old and ripped mostly by accident while trying to put them on, you would throw them away and get new ones. Well in 2011-2012, it seems that is not the case anymore. Ripped stockings or tights have become a trend that is a force to reckon with. They have been seen on the catwalks, on celebrities and even on the streets.
To get the trend you can either rip your stockings manually, or accidentally on purpose or even get them in various shops.
Wearing the laddered stockings trend is tricky though, because you can either look chic or plain tacky like something got caught up in your stockings, ripped it and you did not notice.
Laddered stockings can be worn with a mini skirt, dress or even a knee length outfit. However the laddered trend should not be worn to the office unless either you are the boss or the company is really liberal in the dress code.
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Editor: fashion geek