Reasons for wearing high heels

Reasons for wearing high heels, which are almost exclusively aesthetic reasons, include:
  • They change the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves.
  • They change the wearer's posture, requiring a more upright carriage and altering the gait in what is considered a seductive fashion.
  • They make the wearer appear taller.
  • They make the legs appear longer.
  • They make the foot appear smaller.
  • They make the toes appear shorter.
  • They make the arches of the feet higher and better defined.
  • They may improve the tone of a woman's pelvic floor, thus affecting female incontinence.
  • They may help shorter people use items that have been designed for those of a normal height, e.g. sit upright with feet on floor on chairs that would otherwise be too high, reach items on shelves, etc.