Oversize/Maxi clutch bags

The Oversized/Maxi clutch bags have been in the fashion world and the trend is here to stay. The clutches are trendy and chic and because they are big they can carry essential items that can even include sandals in case you are wearing heel and would like to change later. To carry the clutch do not stuff it with too much stuff as it will start to bulge and will look disorganised and ugly. Just fill with enough things that you really need and have to have. Since they are large minimise the accessories as they will be swallowed by the clutch.
The oversized clutch is chic and glamorous and is perfect for day and night.  You can carry the clutch for a glamorous night out with jeans or even a tank top. The clutch has evolved from small and dainty to large and something you can fit all of your items into.

carlosfalchi giantaliclutch