What Kenyan ladies want for Valentines by Fashion Geek

  • Chocolate
Most ladies love chocolate so buying her a box of chocolate will give you brownie points that will come in handy when you have not been nice to her or have forgotten that very important date. Plus who does not love these heavenly treats that just melt into your mouth as you devour them?

  • Bouquet of Roses
Ladies love flowers...especially roses. This Valentines go all out and get her a bouquet or red roses better still instead of giving her, send it to her office so that while she least expects it, she can find a surprise waiting for her after lunch. It may seem like a husstle but it is just for one day, if this is not the kind of thing that you do, try it out and watch her overjoyed. Even when ladies do not admit it they wany to be treated like queens once in a while. Add a little not of some romantic words and you are good to go.

  • Cute Teddy Bear
Nothing says "I love you" like a really cute and cuddly Teddy Bear. Women love and adore them. If you can find the life size ones which she can put her arms around them and feel like she is holding you. Surprise her with a note that says that she should be thinking abot you when she hugs the Teddy Bear. Even if it is a small one let it have some sentimental value by for instance spraying your perfume on it or having it custom made with your names. There are even those which are in pairs with love messages. You can never go wrong with this cuddly bear and they come in various colors so you can choose one in her favourite color or go for the classic white or red bear.

  • Wine
Whether it be crystal, sparkling, white, rosy, red, vintage or aged wine, it is the best gift to present to her. Wines have a sense of romantic intonations to them that make them the best gift for Valentines. There are a variety of wines do if you know her preference you can get her her favourite or you can try one that is expensive for the special occassion.

  • Gift Basket
If you have no idea what to get her or you are in a new relationship and you haven'e figured out your love yet a gift basket is a great idea for a gift. It has everything from wine, chocolate, a card, flowers just about anything you would have thought to give her. These days you can pick out items from the counter or shop and have them custom make for you your very own personalised special gift basket. Have fun with it and she will have the best time unwrapping each individual gift discovering the surprises!

  • Romantic Dinner
A romantic dinner. Sounds cliche but women love to be treated out once in a while, whether you are still dating, courting or have been married for many years a romantic dinner on Valentines day is still a special treat. Take her out to your favorite restaurant, try out a new restraunt or better yet if you know how to cook whip out a delicious gourmet meal and present it with wine, some candle light and beautiful background music serenading her. If you can afford it go out of town to a classic and elegant restaurant and let the evening go as it may...

  • Lingerie
This should be given with caution because depending on the level of your relationship, the woman may take it the wrong way, because it is a suggestive gift. Also be sure you know her size lest you be accused of having another to who the gift belongs to. Lingerie as a gift is flirty and will be well appreciated when given at the right period of a relationship, most women would appreciate it while some will think it's just tacky and inappropriate so know your woman first before deciding on giving such an intimate gift.

  • Spa Treatment
She has been working the whole week and just wants to relax. Why not gift her with a spa treatment and this does not have to be on the Valentines day itself. A few days to er evn the day before the occassion send her to a spa so that she can get her beauty treatment, massages, facials and relaxation time. If both of you have the time you can get a couple's spa time and spend it just relaxing and enjoying the company without saying a word. It will relax the both of you and she will be much happier then.

Whatever you choose to do or get for Valentines day will depend on your relatiionship and how well you know each other. Some of these gifts do not only apply to your spouse, girl/boy friend but also the special people in your life. After all Valentines day should not only be celebrated once a year but everyday.