What Kenyan dudes want for Valentines By Jim Guteta

  • Romance
As it is one of the most romantic days (officially), men would expect romance, but the main thing to keep in mind is that the romance between men and women differs.
For women romance means a moment where she is close to her partner emotionally. Men are just the opposite. Their romance is intimacy with sensuality. Your man will expect a romantic evening with you.

  • Gadgets
Women love flowers, men love gadgets. Men are techno-freaks who wish to spend quite a bit of time playing video games or listening to some loud music on a newly launched ipod. So how about gifting a new gadget to your man this Valentine’s day?

  • Drinks
Men love boozing. Well, those who drink. Be it a bottle of beer or a whisky shot, men would love getting such gifts. You can either give him cans or bottles of beer or treat him in a nice cozy lounge or bar. Oh, and men would love to get such gifts on Valentine’s Day or any other day!

  • Food
It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach: nothing could be more true. Find out what your man likes and then surprise him. For most Kenyan men though, it’s a law that the food should contain meat, unless he is a vegetarian of course. However, whatever it is, try and make it or present it with creativity.
  • Cologne
Many men have a thing for colognes. If your man is one of these, buy him an expensive perfume. Brands such as Guess, Diesel and Gucci are hot picks. If he loves one particular brand, then buy him something from this brand. And try to stay faithful to the kind of scent he likes-don’t buy him a flowery scent when he prefers a woody or musky scent.
  • Watch
Branded watches are not the only thing men like. Watches that are appealing to the eye, without being too cheesy should be well studded or appealing to the eyes. Find out what he likes to wear-plastic, metal or leather-and keep this in mind as you make the purchase.
These are just suggestions on what you can get him, but the thing to keep in mind is your man’s preferences. Do not force on him what you think he should have.