George Clooney - star power to Milan fashion

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George Clooney topped Giorgio Armani's A-list on Monday as the Italian veteran designer unveiled a Tuareg-inspired spring/summer 2011 collection.

Cameramen swarmed about Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis as they took their front-row seats for the pageant, staged as footage of rolling Saharan sand dunes and music signifying desert wind played in the background.

Models wearing customized Tuareg turbans and flat sandals or Aladdin slippers -- spike heels just wouldn't do in the desert -- trod the catwalk at a stately camel's pace in colours ranging from dark blue to darker blue to midnight blue.

The gradation was found in overlain passing chiffon shawls reaching nearly to the floor, but the differentiation was even more distinct in the fabrics, which ranged from satins to knits to leathers.Layered ensembles included a skirt that was slightly flared at the knee over straight-legged trousers and a proposal for evening pairing a sparkling jacket with a short skirt over a longer skirt.