The clutch of the moment- Fashion Style

Last month I became privy to a strange trend that seemed to involve the experimental preservation of human beings. Shrink wrap, bubble wrap, perspex - you name it, fashion's gone whacko for anything see-through and unbreathable. When writing the original trend report, I (stupidly) assumed that we were safe from this trend, because nobody in their right mind would wear Glad Wrap clothing for real. But that's where I slipped up. I should have realised that with see-through plastic shoes come other see-through plastic accessories. Like clutches.

Let's cue in our local angle right about now. The see-through trendin' stylin' rather freaky deeky clutch I'm holding is by Mardle. You may have seen a brief snippet of it here, but when we're talking new trends as big as this bad boy it really needs more than one breath.

The Mardle clutch began because designer Shiana watches international trends with an eagle eye. Her magpie trending eyes spotted this:
Article numero uno. While Chanel has done clear plastic handbags many times in the past, this is one of the first great clear clutches I've seen. It's by accessories label Charlotte Olympia - by Charlotte Dellal, Alice Dellal's sister for the fans out there of shaved sides.

Article numero dos. That's two. Prada did it too.

But the thing that I really love about Charlotte Olympia's version (and the thing that Shiana loved too) is that there are interchangeable inners. Because we like options, it helps us work with more than one outfit. Now this two-(or four)-for-the-price-of-one hype is generally reserved for the "budget" consumer - he who buys reversible jackets, 2 in 1 shampoo, and loves transformers. Just kidding about the transformers.

But you'll agree with me that this mentality is refreshing to see in the luxury market. I'm not sure whether this is a sign of the economic recession, or simply that the novelty factor of interchangeable anything (like transformers) is rather quaint for the consumers of luxury goods (the rich kids).

Whatever the reason, Charlotte gave us three different inners in one clear box:

Shiana wanted to create her own (slightly more affordable) version of the see-through clutch.

"The first thing that came to mind when I saw these clear clutches was creating a fluorescent yellow, purple and black plastic covered pencil case way back when I was in Sewing Tech at the age of 12. With this in mind I also wanted to jump on the fluoro bandwagon that's trending right now in Europe and combine the two ideas," she says.

Here's the "all clear" option - just edit what you carry in your clutch because everyone can see. I opted for safe-as-houses wallet, spare ring and cellphone, and hid my tampons safely in my coat pocket:

 So how do you do it? Easy, just slip in, and slip out. The inner I mean.

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