Fabulous Hairstyles for 2012

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There is a long face, a heart-shaped face, oval face (which is considered the most versatile of them all), a round face, square face and a prominent jaw. The long face shape, especially the most common worldwide, and as such, the subject of this article.If want to minimize the visual impact of the chin, short hair. A short hair style offers a sense, break your jaw, and avoids the feeling of the people’s eyes while focusing on the nose. So, you want a short hair is sufficient to allow the emphasis of the horizontal gaze. These women are part of a longer haircut, a good way to compensate for the poor is to cut some explosions or below the eyebrows and then allow a couple of times in the face turned out or in or under-recovery the direct chin.The Common features of the face usually a long long terms (often lush eyebrows and eyelashes), usually a long, narrow nose, high forehead, large face, and a long chin.For features a series of long, sometimes a bit exaggerated, there is no way that women can be manipulated to compensate for the hair, and then it looks a bit small. Fortunately, leaving many opportunities for entertainment and interesting style.