Models on the catwalk during the Mark Fast fashion show, London, Sept 19, 2009. Photograph: Ian Gavan/Getty Images
I’m a fashion crawler...though I’m no expert, I just love fashion, drawing, I love art so abstract, structural and natural things fascinate me, the world in 3 dimensional in my mind every little detail weaves itself around an object to create the most insane elements. For me art is life, fashion is the thread that intertwines fabrics of moments and memories that are imprinted in our brains to last a lifetime. Food which I love is also art: ingredients combined, tossed, stirred, fried, mixed or blended to create a piece of edible architecture is just magnificent, I love the way it all comes together with sweet aromas.
It’s no lie that music is the soul of humanity for me it’s the companion who massages my feet after a long hard day serenading me with ballads and sounds that mist the soul with raw emotions turning soft spoken melodies into diamond dust of platinum explosions.

Music is where my heart turns a silhouette romance of organic proportions calming my nerves like melted caramel chocolate on my tongue.

Fashion is inspired by everything around us, so look closely at the next clothing you put on and chances will be that the designer probably got their inspiration from the world around. Fashion geek is about trying to find the best, crazy, inspirational, non-functional, artsy… fashion and placing it in one place so that you can be the judge of it.
Welcome to my blog hope you have a nice stay.