Black and Yellow Fashion

Never has color been more bolder than these past two years. Neutral colors were the rage but not anymore. Bolder colors like luminous, brighter shades of the secondary colors have been in the fashion world creating a buzz. The secret to blending colors is to choose color that goes well with your skin tone, hair type and color and even the kind of accessories that you choose to wear. The brighter the colors the more the statement you are making.
Mix and match until you find the color blends that most define who you are and what kind of mood you are in, where you are going and even the kind of people you want to impress.
Do not be afraid to try colors that seem too bright. If one or two bold colors is too much for you, then a single accessory like a necklace or even bracelet of a bright color will make a difference to an otherwise boring look.
Two colors that have a way of blending into each other are black and yellow, not surprisingly because black goes with anything and yellow is the new black for 2012.

Gucci_Milan fashion week

mcx-oscar-de-la-renta 2012