Five hair styles to go on your man's head

  • Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks are easy to maintain, there is no brushing, combing or patting into shape. Simply twist small sections of hair with a little beeswax and leave them to dry. Dreadlocks are considered trendy and edgy and are associated with creative people. However, many professional workplaces frown on guys with frocks.

  • The Afro
This hairstyle is not as popular as it was in the '70s when every cool guy had a'fro, but many young guys days are spotting Afros these days. Simply put, black hair was made to be grown into an Afro. As for maintenance, wash your hair everyday, dry it with a hair dryer, comb it with a big toothed comb, and pat into shape.

  •  Cornrows
Cornrows on guys in Kenya are not as enticing as they are abroad-possibly because Kenya is still a conservative society. In addition, cornrows no matter how small they are, never seem to look tidy for longer than two weeks and few guys want to visit a hairdresser that often. And loosening the braids and redoing them can be a hassle.

  • Skin cut
This appears to be the style most favored by men loosing their hair. An Afro or low cut with a receding hairline looks ridiculous, so why live in denial? Just shave it all off. What's more, many women think skin cut is sexy!

  • Lo' cut
The low cut is probably the most acceptable style for men. It involves keeping the hair short but not shaving it off completely. It doesn't say much about the wearer's personality, but it does imply that the wearer is a "good guy". And all guys want to be good guys, right? Right.