What's Hot: Playsuits

The jump suit came and is still there but a new trend is being set in the fashion world. And it's called the PLAYSUIT just like its name suggests the outfit is playful and fun to flirt in. The PlaySuit is a cute little outfit that is a must have in every girl's wardrobe especially during the hot weather...Summer time.
The good thing about the Play Suit is that it practically fits all sizes, they come in a broad range of colors, designs, makes and feel.
Whether you like a single bold color, you love multi colored, one with frills, the flowery kind, checked or stripped, there is a Play Suit for you. There are even denim types that are best for the outdoors. You can even get one for doing your morning jogs and having a picnic with the family. The choices are endless. Easy to accessorize or no accessories, wear it the way you want and have fun at it. I'm getting my own pretty soon!
Editor:  fashion geek