The other side of modelling...ouch!

Being a model is a really classy and lucrative career that most girls dream of doing when the grow up. It is all about glamour, travell, meeting important people around the world. Getting to wear designer clothes and mingle with the greats in fashion and the celebrity world. Modelling is all that and more. Seeing your face plastered on huge billboards and having everyone recognize and acknowledge you as you walk by, all those are the perks of being a model.
As much as there is perfection in most of these runway shows sometimes nature decides otherwise because most times you cannot control circumstances, you either fall and stay on the floor or you get up and bravely walk on as if that was part of your show. It sure is a tough job though the world outsied is unforgivng when a model makes a mistake.
Mostly its the evil twin in us that relishes when someone who is seen as perfect has a flaw even if the flaw is not their fault, or maybe it's just the realization that we can never be perfect...well unless you go under the knife which can end up disfiguring you more....anyhow that's a vent for another day.
Back to the topic at hand, modelling is tough and needs a person with a tough skin and ability to see the funny in almost all situations even the embarrassing ones, so kudos to those who can withstand the heat and still come out lady like and with some elegance.
Here are some instances of what to consider before deciding to dream about becoming a model.
Editor: fashion geek