'Mad Men' Designers – It's All About 'Shapewear'

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Also from Gossip Girl -- Sean Connery: Too old to travel to court... The Oscars – Still the real deal in awards shows.

"But the real story is Red State America’s reserved fascination with sex that lashes out at any leaving from an Ozzie and Harriet dream world at the same time it forces the desires of its own representatives into the shattering contortions entailed by the closet."

This is from one of the best spy thriller novels I’ve ever read. Banquo’s Ghosts was written in 2009 by Rich Lowry and Keith Korman for Vanguard Press. I don’t know these guys but what have they done for us lately. Hey, fellas, how about a new book?

I’ll be using more quotes from Banquo’s Ghosts in the future.