Dannii Minogue is eclipsed by her much taller business partner at launch.

It's always Kylie who has been referred to as the 'pint-sized pop princess'.

But this night it was Dannii Minogue who took that title as she posed with her Project D business partner Tabitha Somerset Webb at the launch of their new fragrance. The 5ft 2in star was eclipsed by Somerset Webb, who appeared to be a good half foot taller than her 39-year-old colleague

As well as the clear height difference between the pair, all eyes were on Dannii's enlightening black dress - a much more risqué option than the modest outfits she has been sporting on The X Factor. Danniii wore a plunging black embellished dress which showed off her enviable cleavage as she posed at the launch.
It's been a busy few days for Dannii, who has just returned from a romantic break with boyfriend Kris Smith and baby son Ethan to Monte Carlo.