There has never been a wider range of one unique style of clothing. Jeans are a typical American staple that has grown to be worn by every sector of society. No longer are jeans simply blue and firm, though that old classic still remains. Some hits for the spring and summer include jeans dusted with glitter, ripped jeans and denim shorts.

Studded pockets originated during the gold rush when the found gold outweighed the denim pockets and caused them to tear. One way to rock your Denim is to express their connection with the gold rush by wearing jeans with gold star dust brushed transverse the thighs. Metallics in fashion are expanding their land past jewelry and are finding their way on to fabrics due to the new adherent qualities of finishes on fabrics. When daisy dukes are not an option long jeans can still be worn, even in the heat. Ripped jeans have their place in the past but new styles are tearing down to threads. Unraveled stringy jeans are hardly holding together this summer but as they fall apart the legs will be exposed to the summer air. Jeans fashion became the culture of modern trends.

The more destroyed they are, the better. Black jeans look particularly nice in shreds and they look great with almost everything except a date to a nice restaurant. They can be tattered by opening a hole in the pant and dancing around and another way to rip them up is with a cheese greater. Very detailed holes and shapes can be created by opening individual seams or groups of seams with the wonderful seam ripper invention that are conveniently found in ease stores. Denim shorts are the classic casual summer bottom and the best thing about summer shorts is the jeans from last year can magically change into cut offs with the swipe of a scissor. Because the destroyed look is in the shorts do not have to look perfectly tailored.