How to get a perfect military fashion look?

Fashion trends change day by day and now everyone prefer military fashion. It was a time where no prefer for it and consider that fashion as an old one, but now everyone likes military fashion.

Military fashion apparels:

When you consider the military clothes a great coat is of the choice and the color choices are army green and navy hues. Coat can be of two types such as single and double breasted with brass buttons. To have a genuine look, find some antique buttons and vintage piece with some cut altered. Burberry, D&G are the other recent approaches in men.

Military hair style:

                                    Military haircuts fahion are always sexy and for men a military hair cut is a good option. It is not necessary to be in the military to get the military hairstyle and there are different types of military haircut styles available. High and tight, flat and top are the different types in military hairstyles. 

Military accessories:
                   Imagine a situation, a military cut with military clothes and wearing a military cap and glass. It seems to be great and give you a perfect look and complete the military fashion. Military caps can be said as a perfect military accessory and it fits right in the head firmly.

Nowadays military fashions are even preferred by women and they started to wear fashion military coats for fashion purpose.