Helena laughed at `Best Dressed` tag

Actress Helena Bonham Carter has exposed she explode into laughter after learning that she has been named one of the best dressed celebrities.

The "Alice In Wonderland" star was chosen as one of the best dressed celebrities by Vanity Fair magazine. The actress says she laughed at the tag because she lauded for the same outfits critics had previously savaged her for, reports express.co.uk.

"It was a triumph! It made me laugh because I thought it was a joke when I found out. But when I saw the article, I thought, `Oh, the photos they`ve chosen are as bad as the ones they print when I`m worst dressed," she said.

The 44-year-old insists she won`t be changing her ways as she grows older.

"I don`t feel any pressure to dress well. When I was younger, I cared more what people say. When I did do the Oscar thing, I did feel quite a lot of pressure to dress a certain way," she said.