Local fashion trends


As the owner of Stella & Sway boutique, Karey Kapell combines her love of business and fashion - and owning a clothing store means she shops there a lot.

"Definitely I'd say 99.9 per cent of my clothes are from here, but I do shop at the other boutiques, Zoe's for shoes, Muse & Uforia has cute things, Madame Yes even. Once in a while I hit up The Bay - I'm not a box store shopper though. I just prefer boutique shopping, you get more interesting pieces and the quality is always so much better."

Kapell describes her style as "boho classic" - mostly casual, playing with accessories and scarves.

1. SUNGLASSES: Madame Yes. "People always think Madame Yes is such a dark fashion, and it is, but they have some really cute pieces."

2. EARRINGS: "It was the morning of my wedding and I had earrings, but I went to the Hotel Sask. to get the whole mani-pedi thing, and I just saw them there and loved them so I bought them."

3. SCARF: C'est Moi, Stella & Sway.

4. TOP: By Montreal designer Eryn Brinie, Stella & Sway. "She makes great pieces that are basic but always an interesting detail. It's got batwing sleeves and just the way it hangs, it's a luxury T-shirt."

5. WATCH: Handmade in Winnipeg, sold at Stella & Sway. "I'm wearing it casual today, but I'll also wear it to a fancy event."

6. PURSE: Big Buddha, Stella & Sway.

7. PANTS: Domino jeggings, Stella & Sway. "I've had them for over a year and I probably wear them once a week. They're just amazing. They fit great, they don't stretch out, they're really good quality."

8. BOOTS: Steve Madden, Stella & Sway.


Journalist and fashion guru Rory MacLean believes looking good means feeling good. We're definitely feeling good looking at this outfit.

1. Shirt: from Mexx. "I like their stuff because it's fitted and feels slicker than other shirts. It's more professional and I'm down with the epaulettes."

2. Coat: Kill City from Divine on Broadway. "All the Kill City stuff is really different and always a little pricey for me but I managed to talk them down. I have another Kill City black fall jacket with a plaid lining which is a little more casual."

3. Jeans: from a boutique in Montreal. "I was there last summer and wandering in Saint-Laurent. There's so many cool shops there!"

4. Shoes: from Locale in Midtown. "I just got these last week."