Toronto Fashion Week trends: technicolour (and some slightly subdued) dream prints

Toronto Fashion Week is over, which means it is time to take all of the “CanadaCool” trends we learned about last week and implement them in real life.

Our final look at the trends from last week is a series of prints, from Fair Isle scarves to African textiles to a metallic fringe jacket with zebra stripes. We always say that if you’re going to dress like an animal, it should be the most haute animal—no stylish zebra would ever be caught dead without a little sprinkling of bling. But the zebra isn’t the only animal kingdom A-lister, since the world is full of glamorous animals, including the sporty lion, who never leaves home without his fur vest and contrasting waistcoat (a lion never knows when he’ll have to look his best for an unscheduled networking opportunity). We just love that Canada’s coolest kids were showing some colour this fashion week, and so brazenly, too—without it, we’d all just have dark and cold clothing to match how bummed out everyone felt for having to wait in line for 40 minutes for an already-late show.