Cold Weather Fashion :Scarfs

The long rains season is here and I am so excited, I don't know what exactly excites me about the rain but I love it when it's wet. Apart from making your world smell fresher, the rainy season gives you a chance to remove all those great clothes that have been holed up at the back of your closet because it was too hot to wear them. Stuff like cute sweaters, leg warmers, nice cozy cotton boots and most of all those fashion items called...scarfs.
Scarves come in different sizes and shapes, you can have square scarves, rectangular, round scarves, and triangular scarves. Some scarves have hemmed edges, fringed edges, and fused edges. They can be batik dyed, tie-dyed, silk-screened, have woven patterns, or solid colors. A great scarf says your arekeeping warm but not forgetting to look hot and fashionable.
Scarves can be worn as a fashion accessorie by blending with the outfit or as a fashion item on its own. Given that scarves come in different shapes, light or heavy in weight choosing a scarf does not have to be a headache inducing excersise as most importantly, you a wearing te scarf for functionality purposes.
It provides extra style and warmth around your neck.
Editor:  fashion geek