Fashion illusions

Need to disguise a figure flaw? Here are four suggestions from
A)    Plump waist
Wearing a dress with a higher or lower waist will create the illusion that your waist is smaller. If the fabric in the top and bottom half are different, this will draw attention to the cut rather than your waist.

B)    Heavy bust
Avoid high necklines, polo necks and fussy, frilly fronts. Go for V-necks if you can. Wear your tops as low as you dare-you are one person who should show a bit of cleavage!

C)    Small bosom
Most clothes suit women with a small bosom. But if you want to draw attention to your bust, choose a dress or blouse decorated with frills or laces.

D)    Too thin
Bright colors and patterns will compensate for your lack of curves. Add visual volume by opting for a wide sleeves and details in places where you would like to appear bigger. Avoid clingy fabrics as they accentuate thin hips.