Fashionable belts: Corset Belts

Corset belts have been in the limelight and are not going anywhere soon, the thicker shaped corset belts are now the must-have of women’s accessories in thier wardrobes.
The beauty to these corset belts is, no matter what size you are,you can pull this look with just about any outfit that you fancy. The belts will give you a shape if that is what you are looking for, they have a slimming effect when you put it on with your little black dress thus giving the illusion that have that tiny little waist. The corset belt sits high on your waist and gives you the bottle glass figure that is the goal of evrery woman who wants to look hot.
Corset belts also do not discriminate on age as they will help to keep your figure tucked in at all the right places. Corset belts have a tough thick material and are firm which means that they will not go around your waist or slide down unnecesarily causing you discomfort.
They come in various colors which ensures that you can match or clash with your outfit. Though the belts are usually detailed, you can accessorise as much and as little as possible. The belts have been spotted on celebrities, on the catwalk and even on Michelle Obama here wearing  a corset-belt by Peter Soronen
 Editor: fashion geek