Trendsetters: Kiondo fashion

The Kiondo is now a fashion trend. I have spotted the bag on several fashion foward ladies who are not afraid to show off thier unique fashion sense. I remeber Kiondos used to be used to carry the grocery and most of us cringed and hated it when we were told to go tto the store carring it. It was not "cool" to be seen with such an "old ladies bag or grandmother's bag" we were as we'd like to believe too cool to carry least we thought so. Now years later, the bag that we were running awa from is now a fashion accessorie. Looking at it from a fashio angle, the bag is beautiful and the colors make it perfect for the beach or even going out with your friends, family, just any fun activity.
The bag looks perfect carried with a maxi skirt or dress with flats any casual casual wear.
Kiondos have evolved and since they are locally made, it makes it simple to own one. Completely handmade the Kiondo is priceless! Even Mrs. Obama is spotted carrying one.
Editor: fashion geek

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