Tiered Ruffled Fashion Mini Skirt

Flaunt your legs and try out some trendy short skirts because they have become a favorite among women as they give a hot and sexy look.  Short skirts can be worn daily, formally or informally. There are many types of short skirts available like leather skirts, denim skirts or tutu skirts with huge collection. Choose the one that suits your style, your personality and mood. Wear it if you are not afraid of showing some leg.
Flirty ruffled short skirts paired with short tailored boy-jackets, tucked in t-shirt, sleeveless blouse or spaghetti top. In cold seasons when you do not want to feel cold or if you love short skirts but would feel naked wear tights os stockings.
Pair the skirt with stiletto heels, wedges, or flats if you have really long legs and you do not want to add too much height on you.
Editor: fashion geek