Fashion Earrings: Feather earrings

Feather earrings have been an ongoing trend that has been spotted on the streets of Nairobi and beyond. This small accent can turn your look from casual to very girly, playful, glamourous to even sexy.  These feather earrings can be normal earrings designs and the feathers added to it or pure feathers attached to a metal ring or hook to give ou that bright look. Some are made of metal or wood and then beautifully adorned with delicate feathers of different colours, shape and from different kinds of birds giving you that extra trendy and fashionable look.
When pairing with an outfit go for something bright in case you have on a dull colored ensemble. Wear them whenever you have cocktail nights and be exceptionally elegant. Great for outdoors functions like weddings, barbeque, birthday party, graduation party or family get together. The feather earrings are an absolute no no for the office as they are too elaborate and bright for an office environment.
 Feather Earrings can alter a boring or ordinary outfit and turn it into a dazzling and exciting look because of their different designs and patterns. Some are short, others long while still other feather earrings can be extra long with as many details as you fancy.
In Nairobi get them at various beaut shops, the Toi Market, among other places and online you can get some designs from,
Editor: fashion geek