Handy tips for staying beautiful in cold weather

Here are a few tips that can help keep your skin feeling and looking good in cold weather countries by Lape Soetan True Love May 2008

a)      It may be tempting to use the harshest cleansers you can find if you suddenly break out in pimples, but such cleansers can actually make the problem worse. Generally, if your skin feels tight or starts peeling, you’re using the wrong beauty products and should switch to something gentle.

b)      The cold winds can really dry skin, so use gentle moisturizers on your face. Even if you have oily skin you can try oil-free moisturizers which should moisturize without making the face look like an oil slick.

c)      Use a lip balm as often as possible, and switch to creamy lipstick or use your favorite lip balm under lipstick to protect the lips and keep then soft. Don’t lick or bite your lips unless you don’t mind going around with painful red lips.

d)     If you were using a light lotion for your body, switch to a rich cream or body butter, as these are more likely to keep dry skin at bay in cold weather.

e)      When it comes to hair removal, consider switching to depilatory creams, as shaving in cold weather can leave the skin looking flaky and feeling itchy.

f)       Scaly looking skin is common in cold weather, but exfoliation lifts dead skin cells and reveals smoother looking skin-so use a scratchy sponge when you bath, or try body bushes and body scrubs.

g)      Carry tubes of hand cream around with you so you can tackle dry skin as soon as you notice any pesky patches of dry skin.

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